Ideas for guest speakers?

Please post in the comments (below) with any ideas you have for guest speakers, or contact us. A Sunday Assembly includes a talk on a topic of interest from an invited speaker; usually for no more than 10 minutes, often inspiring, and in keeping with Sunday Assembly values. It would be even better if you […]

A New Dawn

Written and read by Allan Hayes at our first Sunday Assembly Leicester on 9th March 2014. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS AGO, across the plains of Africa, over small wandering groups, the dawn of the era of shared minds began to glimmer. We have come a long way together since then, sharing feelings and intellect, learning […]

First Assembly Report

Wow, we did it, we held our first Assembly! We had been worrying about it for ages, but it went so well. Our own band played 2 guitars, piano, flute, trumpet and had 7 singers (5 played instruments too). Most of the band were under 25 but ranged 15 to pensioner. We sang four songs […]

Amarjeet and Glenys did a great interview on Radio Leicester this morning. You can check it out here Listen from about 1:45 onwards of the 3:00 hour show. Gush.