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Sunday Reassembled

When our guest speaker, Professor Sergei Nayakshin put up the slide from Star Wars showing the setting of the twin suns on the planet Tatooine, I knew that for a time I would be lost. Lost, in an alternate universe, set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…  For what more obvious […]

Sunday Assembly – 9th November

Some exciting news! With the theme of the assembly being ‘stardust’, the speaker is to be Professor Sergei Nayakshin, of the Physics and Astronomy department in Leicester University. He will be talking about the formation of the Earth and planets – the scientific truth of which seems today to have been endorsed by the Pope. […]

Sunday Assembled Again

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple…And learn to spit. The theme of the last Sunday Assembly was Age, to tie in with the Silver Sunday celebrations. The words above are taken from Jenny Joseph’s classic poem ‘Warning’, a paean to the possibility of age as a liberating force, as an opportunity […]

Sunday Assembly 12th October – Songs


The songs for this Sunday’s Assembly are: If You’re Happy And You Know It ( When I’m 64 ( Yesterday ( My Old Man’s A Dustman ( or else Hi Ho Silver ( And a little tip for those who find themselves with a few moments to kill between now and then: why not spend […]

Sunday Assembled

A fantastic Sunday Assembly yesterday. Sunday Assembly is, by its nature, a dissident organisation. It rejects the received wisdom about churches, and knits together its own fabric from just the strands it finds useful. Two of the talks yesterday spoke to this dissident tendency. Amarjeet read a piece which took the day’s theme of Celebration […]