First Assembly Report

Wow, we did it, we held our first Assembly!
We had been worrying about it for ages, but it went so well.
Our own band played 2 guitars, piano, flute, trumpet and had 7 singers (5 played instruments too).
Most of the band were under 25 but ranged 15 to pensioner.
We sang four songs Walking On Sunshine, Happy (Pharrel Williams), Here comes the sun and Don’t stop me now (Queen)
Pippa was way over the top with repeat choruses, which went down a storm!
Our reading, A New Dawn, was written and read by Allan Hayes.
We learnt why Wolves should be reintroduce to this country from Malcolm Hunter.
Sanderson and Pippa were brilliant as always.
To finish we served kidney bean curry and rice for lunch followed by Indian sweets.
All in all everyone enjoyed themselves and we’re all looking forward to the next one!

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