November Sunday Assembly

As the November Sunday Assembly is on Remembrance Day (November 8th) we are taking Remembrance as our theme. We are privileged to have as our speaker Symon Hill, of the Campaign Against Arms Trade. The usual place (Secular Hall), the usual time (11am), the usual unusual people. Look forward to seeing you there!

October Assembly Write-Up

One way of seeing a life is as an ascent followed by a decline. A slow crescendo to the climax of adulthood, followed by the long, sad diminuendo (followed, one would hope, by rapturous applause from the audience, rather than people just shuffling off while twiddling with their iPhones). Of course, on some measures this […]

Bank Holiday Picnic – Cancelled

CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER FORECAST, SORRY! On Monday 31st August – the bank holiday – we will be holding a picnic at Bradgate Park. Unless the forecast says it’s going to rain heavily, in which case we will go to Plan B (which currently doesn’t exist) We’re planning to meet at around noon, at […]

September Sunday Assembly

The most important thing to remember about the September Sunday Assembly is that it is NOT the second Sunday in the month. Due to another event, we have had to move it along a week. So it will take place on the 20th of September, at the usual place and time, Secular Hall, 11-12, followed […]

August Assembly Write-up

This month’s Sunday Assembly was dedicated to the first of its three tenets: live better*. Our host for the day was Alex, who glued together the various segments with erudition and humour and raised the bar uncomfortably high for the poor sap who has agreed to take on the role next time (though I will […]